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Your Saturdays just got a lot more exciting as E1337 Entertianment brings you “E1337 Saturdays!” What is E1337 Saturdays you may ask? It’s your weekly dose of E1337 Entertainments online eSports tournaments!

“What does that mean exactly?” you may still be wondering.

It means that E1337 Entertainment will be bring you, as players, a wide variety of online tournaments for you to compete in for cash prizes!


This Saturday (6/30/16) will mark the first iteration of this weekly series and as such, will be a bit different from future events. What this simply means is that, all tournaments played this weekend will either go through a “Round Robin” or a “Swiss” style bracket in attempts to generate initial seeding for use in future tournaments. All tournaments will be FREE on this day, so come on out and claim your spot before the competition gets really intense. Prices are still being worked out for future tournaments, but E1337 TO’s are saying “don’t expect to be paying much more than $7 for an online entree fee.”


Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/495938327279302/


Sign-ups close/Check-in begins – @ 11:00 PM PST

Tournament play begins -@ 12:00 PM PST



  • ALL GAMES: Best of 3 (Bracket)/Best of 5 (Finals)


  • Screenshots/Recordings of score screens must be saved
  • If a participant is not ready to play 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, he/she will forfeit


Overwatch (PC/PS4):



  • 6 v 6
  • Hero selection limit: 1 per team


Counter Strike: Global Offensive: https://battlefy.com/e1337-entertainment/e1337-saturday-1-cs-go/578d64f93118d9250cd95b54/info

  • 5 v 5
  • For BO3 Games: Ban A – Ban B – Pick A – Pick B – Ban A – Ban B – remaining map will be the 3rd Map chosen.


Rocket League (PC): https://battlefy.com/e1337-entertainment/e1337-saturday-1-rocket-league/578d62394e2a11200c1b3874/info

  • 3 v 3
  • 5 Minutes
  • DFH Stadium


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (PS4): https://battlefy.com/e1337-entertainment/e1337-saturday-1-cod-blops-3/578d6047820743340cc889d2/info

  • 2v2
  • Search and Destroy
  • Single Elimination


Hearthstone: https://battlefy.com/e1337-entertainment/e1337-saturday-1-hearthstone/578d5ea3bdb6e72b0c8393b5/info

  • Conquest with 1 ban (4 Classes) (Best of 5 Throughout)


Heroes of the Storm:


  • Free agents & Pre mades
  • Alternate map Bans


League of Legends: https://battlefy.com/e1337-entertainment/e1337-saturdays-league-1v1/57986710a04d201f0c16acbb/info

  • 1v1
  • Howling Abyss
  • Blind Pick


Halo 5: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/hHV8V1Lte8

  • 1 v 1
  • Slayer
  • 15 Kills

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