E1337 Entertainment early April Tournaments.



Hello Sm4shers!

We got some dates for you guys to set in your calender’s! This is gonna be a big month for E1337 so, let’s start it off right!

Of course, the star of the show, the upcoming pride and joy – sudo regional:

4/1/16 – Solitude Smash #2: Soledad, CA

Event page


As always, If you can’t make it as far as Soledad, we have our newly acquired weekly going on at KIN. Melee events coming soon:

4/1/16 – E1337 Sm4sh at KIN #9: Hayward, CA

Event Page


As not many of you know, we have now acquired a Central Valley venue in Manteca which we are more than proud to work with and help grow! Show your support for our first event!:

4/9/16 – E1337 Slaps Gaming #1 (Super Smash 4, Street Fighter: V): Manteca, CA

Event Page!


Last, but certainly not least, It’s gonna be a crazy month for us and our friends at Galaxy Games. We will be experimenting with Weekly/bi-weekly Sundays for a while to see how things work out, suggestions and feedback welcome:

4/10/16 – E1337 Pokken/Sm4sh Open at GG: Spring #1: Dublin, CA

Event Page


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