Dumpster-Diving at GameStop


GameStop dumpster diving, this is something that’s been big for a couple of years now. Now, why is it something big some of you may ask? Well, I will tell you why in this article!

I think the biggest thing is the stuff you can find. I know someone who has found 3 kiosks in the years he has done it along with a few working consoles. Not to count out the hundreds of games he’s found.
It’s just amazing some of the stuff you find. I interviewed him and he told me one of the things is that you might strike out, or you might just find gold. He also said there’s an adrenaline rush of sorts that you get when finding the stuff.

I asked him why they throw it away instead of just giving it away. He said he has no clue and they’re not the only ones who do it. Right here is a video where you will see someone diving at Disk Replay and you will be amazed with how much they find.

I asked him if every night he goes if he finds something. He said no, that it might be once a month or more at times but you’ll have to stay with it. I asked him why would you stay with it after a month of nothing and he replied that because “what if they throw away my next kiosk and I missed it?”
Now I will say it’s not just gaming stores… See the vid below of three funny guys going to a couple places and going dumpster-diving. It’s pretty amazing what they find and it will make you question why would someone do this?

Vid Source - DEE davE

Next he told me about how some of them have to break the games cut the wires, etc. It’s called ‘field destroy’. Keep in mind most employees don’t want to, it’s that they have to. But they take the time to cut the disks, the wires, and break anything instead of just giving it away. That was something that just made me wonder, “why”?
I will leave it at this – It seems they’re destroying the stuff more and more instead of giving it away to those who would be able to put it to good use. And after hearing about all this, I will not give GameStop my business anymore.

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