Dr. Mario 26th Anniversary Tribute


Dr. Mario (Japanese: ドクターマリオ Hepburn: Dokutā Mario, often stylized as D℞. Mario) is a 1990 Mario arcade-style action puzzle video game designed by Gunpei Yokoi and produced by Takahiro Harada. Nintendo developed and published the game for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy consoles. The game’s soundtrack was composed by Hirokazu Tanaka.

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The game focuses on the player character Mario, who assumes the role of a doctor and is tasked with eradicating deadly viruses. In this falling block puzzle game, the player’s objective is to destroy the viruses populating the on-screen playing field by using colored capsules that are dropped into the field. The player manipulates the capsules as they fall so that they are aligned with viruses of matching colors, which removes them from play. The player progresses through the game by eliminating all the viruses on the screen in each level.

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Dr. Mario received positive reception, appearing on several “Best Nintendo Games of All Time” lists. The game has been ported, remade, or has had a sequel on every Nintendo home console since the NES as well as most portable consoles, including a re-release in 2004 on the Game Boy Advance as part of the Classic NES Series. Modified versions of Dr. Mario exist as minigames in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!, Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day!, and Brain Age: Concentration Training.

Dr. Mario was designed by Gunpei Yokoi, creator of the Game Boy and Game & Watch handheld systems, and produced by Takahiro Harada, who also acted as producer of the Metroid series. The game’s music, later re-used and arranged in games such as Super Smash Bros. Melee, was composed by Hirokazu Tanaka, who later became president of Creatures Inc., an affiliate of Nintendo that owns one-third of the copyright regarding the Pokémon franchise.

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