Double Dragon NES Review & Gameplay


Double Dragon NES Review & Gameplay

Long ago we lived in a simple age of gaming. 8-Bit NES graphics were once considered the cutting edge of technology. When making the jump from Atari to NES as a small child, I was blown away. Still to this Day the NES has a special place in my heart.

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Of course my first NES game was Super Mario Bros/ Duck Hunt. Soon after came one of the most treasured games on the console. I was still pretty young when Double Dragon was released. So I spent countless hours playing the 1st 3 missions. But those 1st 3 missions are forever etched into my memory.

Its probably been close to 20 years since I picked up the Original Double Dragon. I noticed GameFAQs had it listed as Double Dragon on the NES in Japans birthday. Since back then most games released in Japan 1st, I figured it was the original release. But I have learned to cross check GameFAQs Faq’s with Wikipedia. It turns out that it was origianally released in the Arcades in 1987.

Double Dragon NES Review & Gameplay - #GTUSA 2

I was kind of disappointed when I realized it wasn’t the original release anniversary. Since I got all psyched about playing it, I decide to just do a gameplay vid and give my opinion on how it holds up now.

I figured since I’m 34 years old now and not 6 I’d be able to beast this game. If you watched my gameplay vid above you’ll see I still suck just as bad 28 years later. In all fairness OBS didn’t record my 1st round because I accidentally left it in preview mode. I did beat the twin on steroids first time I played. I didn’t make it much further though. I expected to do better on this vid, and did even worse.

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Late 80s and early 90s gaming provided a different challenge than gaming today. The data on a NES game wasn’t even as big as the opening cut scene of a game today. So they were more games of skill. Most NES games took much practice to master.

So how does this game hold up when going back to play it today in my opinion? Its still obviously as hard as ever beings I didn’t make it past the 3rd stage. But I think it was still as fun as ever. It was awesome to break this game out and lose hard.

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I don’t think I need to go into graphics, sound, control, etc. Its a 8-Bit NES game. So you know all of that is excellent. So many indie developers are trying to emulate this awesomeness today. Double Dragon may have been a tough game, but still has fantastic gameplay qualities.

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