Gaming Together: The Dota 2 Video Every Leader Needs to See


Manager, Military, or Competitive Gamer? You NEED to see this video!

If you’ve played a e-sports title like DOTA 2, League of Legends, or Counterstrike –  then you know how vital teamwork is to win the game.  If you haven’t, I’m going to do to my best to introduce you to the world of Dota 2 (and the video’s creator) so you can apply Slacks’ philosophy to your life. Skip to the video below if you’re in the know.

What’s Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a 5 vs 5 team game with an emphasis on momentum and teamwork. The game takes place across a single, unchanging map (like a soccer field). At the start of the game, players split up to “find farm” (which means to gain experience and gold by killing weak, computer controlled opponents.) As the game develops, the team must come together to fight with the other team. When a player kill is scored, the “dead” player is out of the game for a few seconds, resulting in a “penalty box” effect. A major objective of the game is to “gank” (pick off) one of the players while they are away from their team. After a successful gank, it becomes easier for the team to move down the map toward the enemies base and try to destroy it, which is the end objective of the game.

Who is SirActionSlacks?

SirActionSlacks is a popular Dota 2 personality who rose to prominence through a carefree video series called “Funny Voices in Dota 2.” He’s since taken place among the top personalities (not pro players) of the sport, and served as a co-host for the most recent Dota 2 International (think March Madness and Superbowl all rolled into one.)

dota 2 leadership siractionslacks

Jake “Siractionslacks” Kanner banters with co-host Kaci Aitchison.

Well known in the community, Slacks has recently gained acclaim for raising his “match making ranking” (MMR) to 5000.  Upon completing placement matches, players are given a MMR at the start of their Dota career. When a player (and the four strangers assigned to them) wins a match, they receive a boost of 25 MMR. A loss results in a hit of minus 25 MMR. According to Tapper, he started at around 2700 mmr.  For him to reach 5000, it means he has won the equivalent of about 100 ranked games in a r0w (or at least, 100 more wins than losses). He might not be a pro player (and he says he’s actually pretty bad), but he’s definitely winning more than he loses.

Dota2 Siractionslacks leadership

Slacks really does got it made.

What else do I need to know to understand the Dota 2 Leadership video?

These terms should help you round out your understanding of this video:

  • Map: The standard Dota 2 arena has three lanes of battle and jungle between them.
  • Farm: A term in Dota 2 for experience and gold  taken from the map in the form of killing monsters. Farming is required for key heroes (players)
  • Feeding: By dying in a way that accomplishes nothing, a player feeds the value of his life (in game-winning experience and gold) to the other team.
  • Support:A role in Dota that exceeds in setting up success for the team. Uses disabling spells to control the opposition so teammates can chase them down.
  • Carry: A position on the Dota team that involves focusing on personal strength in order to be a damage dealing powerhouse late game. The carry is “carried” through the early game by the support, and “carries” the game in the late game by having the physical damage needed to destroy the enemy base.
  • Offlaner: A playmaking position with weak farming potential
  • Mid: A spotlit farming role. Mid players start in a tense 1v1 contest in the middle of the map.
  • Rax: An important base structure. Taking a rax gives the team an offensive advantage.
  • Pub: A public game. In ranked pubs, players queue for a match alone and are matched with four random players. ‘
  • MMR, Rank: An ELO system designed to help players play against oppoenets of their skills. Players seek to “climb the ladder” by increasing their score.
  • Wards: Items typically bought by the support in order to gain vision on the map. These immobile sentry’s last 7 minutes and can be countered by the other team

That’s all – good luck and enjoy the video! He swears so…watch out:

What’s this video say? How good is it really?

Slacks extolls the benefits of positive and negative communication, of motivating stubborn comrades, and demoralizing the enemy. He talks about how to hold the team together in a tight spot. And that’s exactly what professional player and caster Maelk says helped him so many games from the support position.

Other players have had mixed results.

fuck you slacks from DotA2

As far as Slacks himself? Well… whoever knows with that guy: after all, he talks nonsense all the time.


Comment from discussion fuck you slacks.

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