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Donald Trump’s Fallout 4 Apocalypse

UPDATE: The mod author wrote a FAQ about the Donald Trump companion mod ! Go read it!

OK, OK – so I hate to bring Bethesda’s Fallout 4 into this messy US political election: but Hilary Clinton vs. Donald Trump be damned, I know a good Fallout 4 Mod when I see one. The PC Fallout 4 Donald Trump Companion mod was made by a Nexus Mods user named Nyut0n, and the best part for sure is how perfectly Donald Trump fits the Fallout universe. Tell me the Donald Trump doesn’t look right at home in Fallout 4’s apocalypse. (BTW, I do have the download link – keep reading)

Donald Trump's stump speech about US/Asian relations is pretty fitting in a world ended by nuclear holocaust.

Donald Trump’s stump speech about US/Asian relations is pretty fitting in a world ended by nuclear holocaust.

The player finds the Fallout 4 Donald Trump orating in Diamond city. As the player approaches for the first time, The Donald booms over the microphone about how the “country never wins against China and Japan,” pretty fitting for a game set after a US-China Nuclear war. The Donald Trump model looks great in Fallout 4; he’s a whethered, white, and moneyed. The hair isn’t fantastic, but the famous white ballcap makes an appearance. Now it reads, “Make the Commonwealth Great Again.”

Fallout 4 Donald Trump, Donald Trump Fallout 4

Donald Trump supporters love this mod, but I can’t tell if it’s a joke or not.

Also, it’s worth noting – the sign in front of Trump reads “text ‘dumb’ to 88022.” For that reason, and a few others, I can’t quite tell if the creator of this mod is a Trump supporter or opponent. If you talk to him, Donald Trump has a quest for you. His quest is simple, and it shouldn’t surprise you.

donald trump hillary clinton fallout 4 donald trump hillary clinton fallout 4 donald trump hillary clinton fallout 4 donald trump hillary clinton fallout 4

Donald Trump needs you to knock the hell out of crooked Hillary Clinton.

That’s right. Donald Trump needs you to kill “crooked Hilary Clinton.” She can be found in Goodneighbor, giving a speech of her own, and completing the quest is as simple as walking up and blasting her in the face.

Let’s take a step back for a second: people get blasted in the face all the time in Fallout 4.  The core gameplay revolves around receiving quests about people to blast, and then proceeding to go blast those people. If you’re reading this from your desk at the New York Times, and you’re about to pen an article about how Fallout 4 is a presidential murder simulator, please don’t. It’s a video game. It would be weird, maybe, if The Donald said something like this in real life.

hillary clinton fallout 4

Look away, non-gamers!

Hillary Clinton’s videogame portrayal isn’t the kindest either. She’s tough, sure – but she’s also overweight and her pockets are lined with “Money from Donors” and “Money from Banks,” as well as an item that reads “Hillary’s Mail Account.” Yikes.

Upon dispatching Clinton and returning to Donald Trump, he offers to become your companion. (His line is, “We’re going to be so strong. We’re gonna be so tough. We’re gonna be so vicious. And we’re gonna knock-them-for-a-loop. ) He’ll then follow you around the commonwealth shouting and shooting and slashing, just like any other companion. He even has custom lines for when he’s attacking and being attacked.

Fallout 4 donald trump Fallout 4 donald trump

“I’m like a piece of Swiss cheese,” Donald Trump yells.

Is the Donald Trump Fallout mod banned? Where can I get it?

You might have noticed I haven’t linked the download page yet and if you’re the impatient type, you probably have already unsuccessfully searched Nexus Mods for the link. It’s not there. That’s right, moderators on Nexus mods removed the Donald Trump Fallout 4 mod and issued its creator, Nyut0n, a formal warning.  The moderators cited copyright concerns as the reason for removing the mod.

The story doesn’t stop there, and the mod is still available. Turns out, members of the pro-Trump subreddit, /r/the_donald, reached out to the author of the mod, angry at his apparent censoring.

Fallout 4 censoring. Nyuton made a really good Trump mod for Fallout 4, and it was banned for “Uploading copyrighted audio without the permission of the owner”. It is amazing how fast fucking left wing liberal assholes with any kind of power…. abuse it. Fuck you Micalov (Nexus Moderator). from The_Donald

The mod author responded, and encouraged Trump supporters to let him try and reason with the Nexus Mods moderator first.


This image, originally posted on, /r/The_Donald shows that the modder attempted to appeal the removal of his mod.

This image, originally posted on, /r/The_Donald shows a conversation the modder attempted to appeal the removal of his mod.

I don’t know what was said between mod creator Nyut0n and Nexus Mod staff, but as of now the mod is still banned from Mod Nexus and the mod’s creator has given /r/The_Donald users free reign to distribute the mod.

"Feel free to share," says mod creator Nyut0n

“Feel free to share,” says mod creator Nyut0n

Without further ado, here is the Dropbox link to the Fallout 4 Donald Trump Companion mod. 

Author’s Note: For what it’s worth, I agree with the mod creator about one point. The content in this mod is parody and therefore “fair use,” just as Nyut0n says. However, just because the moderator is wrong when he says the mod is “copyright violation” doesn’t mean he’s out of line in banning the mod. At the end of the day, Nexus Mods is run by the admins – not the users. Thinking like a business owner, would you want content featuring Hillary Clinton getting shot in the face on your website? Would you want something that might piss off Donald Trump, who has a history of suing people indiscriminately? Probably not. 

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Special thanks to Youtuber Assassinhater for the unmonetized and well shot video.

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