Divinity 2 Preview – Eating Corpses with Eurogamer


Instant “Classic”

Seriously, Check out 30 minutes of Divinity 2 preview  recorded by Robert Purchese and Chris Pratt of Eurogamer.I’m going to rant and rave about Divinity 2 till the game comes out on September 15, and you should too.

In the first five minutes, these two great journalists discuss the new race options (you can only be human in the amazing first game), as well as the backstories, combat, and cheekiness of the fantastic Divinity world.

Fans of the first game should skip to just before 8 minutes to hear the boys discussing how the player can “curse” floor effects and transform regular fire to “cursed fire” making it far more dangerous. Larian studios found a way to add further depth to the already amazing ability for the player to terraform the battlefield in dangerous ways.

divinity 2 preview

Divinity’s battles are all about shaping the landscape to toast your enemies.

I love the first game and have been playing it tons with my girlfriend after work. We love talking to animals, looting everything, and battlin’ up a storm. Today, I want to share with the readers today my great love of games starting with this Classic Role Playing Gaming

Check out this great article on Eurogamer, Chomping on corpses in single-player Divinity: Original Sin 2. 

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