Disney unveils new streaming box for children that plays games


This week at CES 2017, Disney made the pretty big announcement that they would be releasing a streaming box that can play some Android games.

As reported by TomsGuide, the Disney Kids TV box, made by peripheral company Snakebyte, can also stream a variety of TV/movie content and play music. It’ll come pre-loaded with movies, shows, and games, though Disney did not announce the full lineup.

A Disney-branded Bluetooth controller for the system is in the works, but it will be an optional add-on rather than bundled in with the hardware. Fortunately, Disney Kids TV supports existing Bluetooth game controllers as well.

“If you have kids who enjoy Disney properties, this is way to set them up with a media streamer that really caters to their tastes; not just an extra one you happen to have lying around,” TomsGuide reported.

The Disney Kids TV box will cost $99. Although it doesn’t have a hard release date yet, the company is aiming to put it out sometime in 2017, hopefully sooner rather than later.

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