“DicTATER” – A Potato’s Journey To Berry A Sprouting Rebellion



DicTater is a hilarious free indie game that was released on recently. The games description was pretty vague, so I didn’t quite know what to expect with this game.

There isn’t really much to the game, and the control configuration is set up wrong. The Puns are so bad that it makes this game great. This game is like a cheesy ‘B’ rated indie movie you just can’t stop watching.

I didn’t make it to the end due to the fact that I suck with a mouse and keyboard. I figured its better that I died early to leave room for whatever other horrible puns this game has in store.

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Game Description

Ever wanted to play as a potato? Even if you haven’t, here’s your chance! Play as the DicTATER and slice your way through enemies. Groan at all the puns and enjoy the scenery.

Group: 1800’s Ireland
Alex Demangles as main Programmer & Producer
Sully Sullivan as Level Designer & supporting Programmer
Chris Jackson as Vocals, supporting Level Designer, & supporting Artist
Anna Kalandyk as main Artist & awful pun maker

This is a vertical slice of a game.
(aka: it’s a short experience)


DicTater Free Indie PC Game - #GTUSA 6



Meet the Potato King. He rules the garden kingdom.

DicTater Free Indie PC Game - #GTUSA 2



Many Fruits and Veggies once lived together in unity in the garden kingdom.

DicTater Free Indie PC Game - #GTUSA 3


There always has to be one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Only in this fruity tale the bad guys are the tomato’s. With their angry confused rebellion they have brought ruin to the once great Garden kingdom.

DicTater Free Indie PC Game - #GTUSA 4


The Potato King is baking with anger over the collapse of the once great Garden Empire. Only he can restore glory to this magical land. He arms himself with his trust leaf sword and sets off on the journey of many bad puns.

DicTater Free Indie PC Game - #GTUSA 5


DicTATER is a fun free game that I think is worth checking out, especially if you have a good sense of humor. At first I wasn’t going to do a video or article for this game. Since there isn’t much info online about the game, I hope this article and video help bring it to a few indie fans attention.

I give it 2 Greenthumbs Up!

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