Details On Nintendo Coming To Universal Studios Japan


10 months ago Kotaku did an article titled “Nintendo Is Coming to Universal Studios Theme Parks.” Today they revealed more info sourced from Sankei News. Since Sankei News website is written in Japanese, Kotaku deserves full credit for this source information.

According to Sankei News, Nintendo will be investing 40 Billion Yen into the Universal Studios Japan project. Which is the equivalent of $351 Million USD. This investment project is very similar to Universals The Wizarding World of Harry Potter area.

ImagDetails On Nintendo Coming To Universal Studios Japan #GTUSA Img Source - Kotaku

The Mario and co. themed area will be a pretty nice sized area, as seen in orange on the map pic above. The area in green is Japans Universal attractions area. Currently, the future Nintendo space in orange is being used as an event area.

When Universal Studios invests in a theme for their theme parks, they always go as BIG as possible. I can only imaging the gaming based scenery and rides they are going to create for this project. Its pretty easy to picture costumed Nintendo characters running around everywhere and the gaming themed shows they will be performing.

Details On Nintendo Coming To Universal Studios Japan #GTUSA 3Img Source -

Absolutely an exciting project worth keeping our eyes on. I’m routing for its success in hopes that North America may one day get our own version of the park expansion. Their goal is to have the Nintendo addition completed by 2020, in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

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