Destiny Update 2.2.0 ONLINE: Bungie reveals release time for April content and download


Destiny’s April update launches today and introduces a number of new weapons as well as tweaks to existing ones, changes to reputation gains and rewards, Light level increases, new missions, and more.

Fans on all platforms should get their hands on the new content, loot and missions between 6pm and 8pm, UK time.

Developer Bungie has detailed how much space you’ll need on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 to download it. Take a look below to find out if you’ll need to clear some space for it.

  • PS4: 1718 MB
  • PS3: 1040 MB
  • Xbox One: 1736 MB
  • Xbox 360: 793 MB

The studio has seen fit to release one last trailer that explains what all the fuss is about. The clip gives you a whirlwind tour of virtually everything that’s new, including new quests, strikes and story missions, the increased Light level and new gear ranging from chroma trim (basically, shiny lighting) to Taken-themed armor.

Accessibility is a key theme, as well. You don’t have to worry as much about needing to play specific game modes to boost your Light level, and you won’t need a key to recover loot from the Prison of Elders. Clearly, Bungie realizes that Destiny‘s progression system is still somewhat convoluted. This isn’t the same as a full-fledged sequel (that isn’t coming until 2017), but it might give you a reason to come back if you burned out the moment you hit level 40.


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