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Death Road To Canada

This year for Xmas I was looking for something new to play that wouldn’t take up to much time. I had my eye on Death Road To Canada for a while, but wasn’t sure if it was my type of game.

Death Road To Canada is a comedic indie action packed survival RPG road simulator with pixel graphics. Don’t let its simple look fool you though. At times it can get very intense and complicated.

When just starting I wasn’t to sure what to expect. After watching a short game-play video it looked like it was worth a try. DR2C got very positive reviews.

The game was designed for replay value for good reason. During your 2 week arduous journey from Florida to Canada you should expect to die many times before you get the game down. After several hours of game-play I haven’t even made it close to the Canadian border.

Right away the catchy music draws you in. Instead of dreary melodic music like most zombie survival games, DR2C’s soundtrack is fun and very upbeat. Good tunes can really change the atmosphere of a game.

The game events are randomized, so you can play a lot before you start seeing events repeat. Every time you play your story will be a bit different then the time before.

Death Road To Canada Review - #GTUSA 2

I relate this game to a newer version of the Oregon Trail with zombies. You’ll have to recruit new members, scavenge for supplies, and make tough choices that can lead to permadeath. Its a game that you’ll be doing great one minute, and be screwed the next.

The pixel graphics give it a cute look on the surface, but don’t let that fool you. The action gets extreme at points. A handful of zombies is no big deal. They are pretty easy to take out, or you can breeze right past them with ease. But beware of the “Siege”. Up to 500 zombies can fill the screen, and surviving these hordes is no easy task.

Another cool thing is the odd character cameos. Santa Clause is the first character you’ll come across among many. His weapon usually ends up breaking, and hes always the first to die for me. You can also recruit dogs that can drive cars. The game can get a bit silly, but it works out to form a great experience.

Overall I love everything about Death Road To Canada. Its comedic, fun, and challenging. Dying out of nowhere can and will cause you to rage a bit. If your looking for a fun game to play with great replay value, I highly recommend you check out Death Road To Canada.

Video Source – Kepa Auwae
Featured Image Source – Best Friends Wiki – Wikia

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