Dead Or Alive Came To The PS1 18 Years Ago Today


Today is not officially Dead or Alive‘s origin date, but rather the day it released on PS1. Which is the system I know it on. So to pay tribute to this bouncy game, I put together a short vid, and gathered some Wikipedia facts.

Dead or Alive is a 1996 fighting game by Tecmo and the first entry in Team Ninja’s long-running Dead or Alive series. It was released first in arcades, followed by home ports for the Sega Saturn in Japan, and later for the Sony PlayStation in all regions.

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The gameplay of Dead or Alive was unique at the time of its debut because it featured different choices in gameplay than other 3D fighting games.

Its most defining features were its speed and countering system. Dead or Alive put an emphasis on speed, and relied more on simplistic commands and reaction time. Furthermore, its countering system was the first in the fighting genre to utilize different commands that corresponded to each type of attack. There are two kinds of holds, an Offensive Hold (OH) and a Defensive Hold (DH). The latter are executed by holding back or forward on the directional pad along with the guard input to either force away or counter-damage an opponent.

The game also introduced an environmental system of the “Danger Zones” that surround the outer edges of the fighting arena (depending on the options, it can also completely consume it) and can send a character in the air so the opposing player can execute a juggling air combo. However, this can be avoided with a Ukemi (defensive roll).


A runaway kunoichi known as Kasumi enters the Dead or Alive tournament to seek revenge against Raidou. who was responsible for crippling her brother Hayate. However, Kasumi’s decision to leave the village violates the strict laws of the ninja society, and as a result she becomes a hunted fugitive.

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