“Dawn” Is A Beautiful Atmospheric 3D Platformer (Free On Steam)



In Dawn you Play is a cool little druid girl who is on a mission to bring the tree in the center of her world back to life.

This is one of the most breathtaking free to play games I’ve yet to come across. It is very reminiscent of N64 Adventure Platformers like Super Mario 64, Banjo, Glover, etc.

Video Source – GameTraders USA

You may have noticed on the games intro in my video that the opening cut scene was replaced by the loading flower. We didn’t realize that the opening scene conflicts with my recording software until after my wife did a full botched playthrough.

The recording error was such a disappointment because it was my wife’s first attempt at ever making a game video. She did such an awesome job with her commentary, and is so much better at platformers than I am.

So after the game intro I played with the recording software to make sure we were rolling. I wanted to play the game myself anyway, but it was still a sad moment. I’ll talk her into trying again one day.

Dawn Free Steam PC Platformer - #GTUSA 2

So on to game review. I can’t say enough good things about this game. especially since Dawn is free to play. It may possibly be the most laid back game ever created.

The wordless cinematic story is absolutely amazing. The controls are smooth and worked perfectly with my wired Xbox 360 controller. The music matches the game perfectly. Even though its a short game, its great.

Dawn Free Steam PC Platformer - #GTUSA 4

If your looking for a chilled out game you can relax to, you’ve come to the right place. I have high hopes that the developers spin Dawn into a full-length full-featured game. Its good how it is for a free to play game, but I seriously think it has the potential to be an outstanding fully featured game.

Since its a F2P game, I’m going to rate it as overwhelmingly positive. I loved it, and really want to play Banjo Kazooie now. This is definitely a game all adventure platform fans should check out.

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