David D. Kim Takes Over for the Games Influencer Marketing Specialist at nevaly


New Managing Director at nevaly – David D. Kim takes over operations for the games influencer marketing specialist


nevaly, a Berlin-based marketing agency, is proud to announce that the experienced media professional and former Marketing Director of Crytek, David D. Kim, enlisted with the company as its new Managing Director at the end of June. Since 2001, Kim has been active in the games and movie industry in a leading capacity and represented a number of premier brands and products in international markets.



David D. Kim Games Influencer Marketing Specialist at nevaly - #GTUSA 2


Kim, who holds an MBA from the University of Southern California, started his career in 2001 at Joycity, a developer of online games in South Korea, and Gravity Interactive, California, before switching to the movie industry and taking over as Associate Director Brand Marketing at Twentieth Century Fox for the following six years, where he was responsible for international projects such as the ”Rise of the Planet of the Apes” brand. After occupying subsequent positions in the Hollywood entertainment industry, Kim finally returned to the gaming industry in 2015, taking over as the Marketing Director of Crytek in Frankfurt.


nevaly partner and ad2games CEO Albert Schwarzmeier is excited about the new addition to the team: “David brings an extraordinary amount of experience in games marketing to nevaly. More than that, he possesses extensive expertise in building strong entertainment brands. With his far-reaching knowledge of the market and his longstanding experience, we see him as a substantial success factor in the continuous development of our company on the international market.”


“The significance of influencer marketing for the whole advertising industry is growing every day, and I am excited to be a part of – and contribute to – this development. The team at nevaly is strong and motivated. With the help of their own expert knowledge, we will strengthen and expand our presence on the market,” David D. Kim adds.


nevaly unites influencer and advertising clients in a unique way. The company attaches great importance to working with a team of specialists who know the games industry and their products inside out and can connect advertising clients with suitable target groups and influencers.


nevaly focuses primarily on innovative concepts rather than pure Let’s Play clips – entertaining, informative video content such as multiplayer competitions, real live content, giveaways, livestreams, and much more. Despite this highly specific concept, the chosen influencers have full say when it comes to decisions and designing concepts.


The campaigns have to function authentically and influencers should support a product out of their own conviction. For many years, nevaly has been realising these methods successfully for a number of acclaimed international clients, such as Epic Games, Wargaming, Konami, and many more. With the profound campaign planning laid out above, nevaly wants to further develop their special status on the market.


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