Dan Harmon Updates Rick and Morty’s 3rd Season Status


Fans of animated comedy have been craving a third season of Rick and Morty for over a year now. After a 15 post update on Twitter yesterday from co-creator Dan Harmon, it looks like the wait will continue.

Dan Harmon spoke about the 3rd season delay at the Sundance Film Festival. You can check out IndieWire’s article on it here.

From the looks of Dan Harmon’s Twitter page it appears hes not just the co-creator of  currently one of the best animated comedies on TV, but hes a very active Tweeter.

No wonder the third season is taking so long. One of the shows creators apparently has a social media addiction. With all jokes aside, even though I think I might be onto something, here are Dan’s 15 Tweets to update the third season status.

Dan Harmon's update on Rick & Morty Season 3 - #GTUSA 2

Dan Harmon’s Tweets

  1. Re: confusion/concern about my comments in Indiewire interview re: Rick and Morty. The “fights” I refer to aren’t “the reason 4 delay”
  2. The “fights” also aren’t what you call a fight when you have one in your home or street. I’m talking about fights like “what joke to do.”
  3. It’s the statements back to back that’s confusing: I was saying “the buck stops with me and justin.” It was our usual perfectionism, etc.
  4. Then, I was moving on, in trademark rambling, to try to express how hard and confusing it can be in a RAM writers room. Chasing tails.
  5. I understand and we are flattered that in an information vacuum, with the show so late, any morsel of info is going to have huge weight.
  6. But the truth is not dramatic. It’s quite boring. We love our show. It’s a weird show that we struggle to not overthink OR underthink.
  7. As for now, they’re drawing it. We don’t update on exactly where every episode is in pipeline for two reasons (uh oh sub enumeration):
  8. One is that we want you harassing the bosses as opposed to hard-at-work artists and editors, or writers that finished months ago.
  9. The other is that it is out of our jurisdiction to discuss schedule. That’s Adult Swim’s biz. Totally unrelated. Hence the info shortage.
  10. So, I’m sorry I can’t say “we fractured a creative valve in sector 3” or “it’s Paul’s fault. GET HIM!” No hidden truth. We slow. Sorry.
  11. Part of what I was trying to express is that WE would sit and ponder, what’s the problem here, how can we write faster, why we so slow?
  12. And then we’d go “what made us faster in season 1” and then we’d go “we didn’t sit here talking about this, let’s just do this,” etc.
  13. I tell you, as a self destructively honest guy, Justin and I have literally never fought. Season 3 isn’t late because of “fighting.”
  14. In fact, ironically, maybe THAT’s the delay-cause. We respect and terrify each other and always want the other to be happy.
  15. Okay that’s it. Keep telling me to release season 3. It accomplishes nothing, It makes you seem 15 and dumb which is fine. See ya soon!

Dan Harmon's update on Rick & Morty Season 3 - #GTUSA 3

I’m a serious hardcore fan of animated comedy. With only 2 seasons of Rick and Morty, its rapidly risen to become one of my favorites out of a long list. I’m not telling Dan Harmon to release season 3. I’m telling him to spend less time on social media and get to work. Your fans are waiting Dan!

Your spending more time on Twitter than me, and I run a website. Your Twitter banner is of you hanging out in a brew house, and your lollygagging at Sundance. When do you find time to work?

Just kidding Dan. I love Rick and Morty, and can’t wait for the next season. I’m sure we’ll get a Twitter update when its ready.

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