ESL Pro League CS:GO Week 9 Games To Watch


With the last batch of games for week 9 of the CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 4 taking place Thursday October 13th, 2016 we have a nice set of matches that will definitely see some changes to the NA standings.

ESL Pro League CS:GO Week 9 - #GTUSA 1

Cloud9 VS SK Gaming

Game 1 8:00 pm GMT Game 2 9:00 pm GMT


With Cloud9 (C9) leading the standings they have a lot of pressure on them going up against currently ranked third SK Gaming (formerly known as Luminosity) who have got a good history of showing up when the time is needed. While C9 is a personal favorite team of mine, seriously I’m a huge fan, I don’t think they can pull out the W this weekend unless there is a huge upset. With SK having a huge advantage this year over C9, 10-2, it would have to take a miracle clutch from C9 to seal this game. A loss this week would not be a bad thing for C9 as they hold first by 5 games only dropping one game so far in season 4 to Echo Fox. This will definitely be a test to see if C9 has fixed their roster changes they have made this year and hopefully they’ll have it figured out. It will most definitely be a good game no matter what.

ESL Pro League CS:GO Week 9 - #GTUSA 3
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OpTic Gaming VS NRG

Game 1 8:00 pm GMT Game 2 9:00 pm GMT


Another good game to look out for is NRG and OpTic Gaming (OG) as OG holds the number 4 slot with NRG only one game behind them. Both teams have played similar throughout this season against the same teams so it’s hard to pick one to come out on top, but if I had to pick I would go with OG. OG lost both games to SK with a score of 8-16 in the first and taking the second into overtime with 15-19, but NRG went down both games with no overtime with a 14-16 and a 7-16.

ESL Pro League CS:GO Week 9 - #GTUSA 4
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There are plenty of other games to look out for Thursday but these two are going to be the ones to watch. If you want to check the schedule and standings yourself to make your own picks head on over to

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