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Fight through a mystical tower in this arena-based character action game in the hopes of gaining control of political and military control in your nation.

In the land of Ilance, a group of young woman compete against each other and fight through a tower in hopes of earning the highest honor: control of the land’s politics and military, and favor of the Queen.

 The Unforgiving Tower

Slash through enemies like butter with up to four different swords that can be switched on the fly. Battle monsters in arenas designed to keep action fresh and exciting.

Fight through multiple modes, including story, where you pick a single character and follow their story, and Challenge, where players are challenged to stay alive as long as possible in an arena without end.

New For PS4

The Playstation 4 release of Croixleur Sigma comes with a number of incredible additions from its original PC release:

  • Two additional characters to take through all of the available modes.
  • Increased graphical fidelity and a new cel shading technique that bring the anime style visuals alive like never before.
  • An accessories system that allows players to buy new clothing and accessories for their favorite characters, so they can customize their action experience any way they like.

Customizable Arsenal

Instead of having a single weapon to choose from, players can choose up to four weapons to take into battle.

Each weapon has its own stats, power and speed. Build combos by switching between weapons and changing up your tactics. Learning how to use all of the weapons in your arsenal is the key to success.

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