“Corgi Warlock” Intense Indie 2D Action Review


I came across Corgi Warlock on a steam sale for $0.49 cents. It looked like a fun game so I decided to give it a try. It was released in late 2015, but I still feel its worth reviewing.

On Steam recently it got Mixed Reviews, which surprised me. For being such an inexpensive game its pretty fun.

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Your probably wondering why if I though it was so much fun, why I didn’t do better in my video???

Let me explain. This game is pretty fast paced and colorful. It gave me the racer effect where after about 10 minutes my eyes started tearing up. If I wasn’t recording I would have stopped for a break.

The game has full co-op features for up to 4 players. While I think this game is fun on the solo mission, it would probably be better with some teammates.

At regular price right now its only going for $3. For being so cheap I think this game is great. It does get a bit repetitive fast. The gameplay is fun, its animated great, and the game has many cool bosses.

Since its an inexpensive indie game, I’m gonna recommend this one. I’ve been playing video games for over 30 years, so my ole peepers ain’t what they used to be. Just because I wrapped the gameplay video up quick don’t let that deter you. Its actually a pretty cool game.

Corgi Warlock Review - #GTUSA 2

Game Description

Maia, the great Corgi Warlock, sets out on a quest to defeat the EVIL BUNNY KING and his army of undead minions. Based on a true story*, follow the exploits of Maia as she battles nefarious creatures of the BUNNY ARMY with her magic.

If Maia can’t do it alone, she can team up in local co-op with her pals, The Magic Pug, The Prophet Pig-J, and the Deadly Fish Mage. With their powers combined not even the dreaded Bunny King himself will stand in their path… Or so they hope.

CORGI WARLOCK also features a 1-4 player vs. Battle Mode, for when you need to determine who does the dishes or if a Pug really is better than a Corgi.

The game is local co-op and local versus multiplayer.

About the creator:
Xander’s Corgi Arcade is a one man shop, started by a former PIXAR, Dreamworks, and Sony animator, who decided to take a break and work on his own games for a while. His super amazing corgi, Maia, was the inspiration for it.

Corgi Warlock Review - #GTUSA 3
Check Out Corgi Warlock On Steam Here

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