Cold Activated Color Changing Pac-Man Glasses


I came across these cool Pac-Man glasses this morning and had to share. I think the concept is pretty obvious from the featured image and title. Normally the print on the glasses are all white. Poor in your favorite cold liquid and watch them come alive with color.

I expected these glasses to set you back $20.00 to $30.00. I was surprised to see that they are only asking $9.98, which sounds reasonable in my opinion.

Note: these glasses are neither dishwasher or microwave safe. Using in the microwave may cause Blinky to Mutate and eat your cat. Game over for kitty!

Check out these Color Changing Pac-Man Glasses at the Odditymall.

Pac-Man Drinking Glass Turns Colorized With Cold Liquid

Pac-Man Drinking Glass Turns Colorized With Cold Liquid

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