Cloud Gaming Allows You To Play Any Game On Any PC


This week, launched their new cloud gaming service. The service allows you to play even the most hardware demanding games on any computer for down to $9.99 a month.

Cloud gaming allows you to play any game on any PC

Good news for any gamer with trouble running a game optimally or even running it at all.

Snoost Cloud Gaming works by letting your computer interactively stream the screen of another computer, in this case, a powerful computer provided by Snoost’s cloud infrastructure provider, Amazon Web Services. Whatever you press and click on your own computer happens on screen, but the cloud gaming server is doing all the work, which is why even the oldest of computers can run the most hardware demanding games. You are essentially streaming another computer playing, but you control that other computer. Your own computer only needs Snoost’s light-weight Google Chrome extension.

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More than giving access to an all-running, online gaming rig, Snoost attempts to solve a number of other gaming related issues. First of all, in a world of ever increasing demands on hardware, Snoost offers an alternative to the next inevitable, big investment of upgrading your computer if you want to play the newest games. Secondly, it runs on all major operating systems, so this obviously benefits non-Windows users, since they will be able to bypass the limits of their own operating system.

Making gaming available to everyone was what inspired Rune Dalton, one of the founders and active CEO of Snoost, to create the service: “I started this whole project because I saw a post where some people had modded The Witcher 3 to graphics far below the game’s options just to be able to play the game. I thought it was too bad that not everyone had the possibility to enjoy games. Snoost is about making gaming available for everyone. Not just in terms of hardware, but in an affordable sense as well.”

Unlimited hours of gaming in different quality

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Snoost has three plans available. They all offer unlimited amount of gaming, but the visual quality varies. A Standard Defition (SD) plan is $9.99, a High Definition (HD) plan is $19.98 and a Full HD plan is $29.97 (US prices). What you pay for is resolution and bitrate.

In the beginning, Snoost only had the Full HD plan, but Rune felt it was necessary to expand the options: “It occured to me: If people are willing to play the Witcher 3 on potato graphics just for the gameplay, these kind of gamers do not need a Full HD plan. The quality of SD is most likely more than fine for them, and therefore i decided to enhance Snoost to include the cheaper plans”.

To some, this service might sound too good to be true, but Rune encourages people to put Snoost to the test. They can even do it for free and without any credit card requirement. Snoost is offering a 3 day trial with unlimited gaming and the option to switch between all three plans so you can test out the service and different qualities. Currently, Snoost covers most of Europe and USA.

While Snoost is still not fully developed, it definitely seems like it could be a solution for many gamers out there struggling with a lack of hardware to enjoy games.

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