Check Out Balls Kicking Simulator On Steam Greenlight. Its Hilarious!


Balls Kicking Simulator 2016 z2855cfcgch
This game is about the hard life

(Attention! This game – a joke, do not need to treat it seriously. Also, the end result is the development of the game can change very much visually and technically).

Check it out on Steam Greenlight!

We play for the guy who has testicular cancer. Meet – Dik Dickins, the usual office monkey, he’s not different from other same gray people. Once Dik found advert “Setting up fights, but they are unusual, if you’re interested in go … the main character needs money and he came to this fight, later it turns out that these fights came up with some crazy psycho, in these battles opponents beat each other in the balls. Most persistent balls receive a large sum of money. Dik decided to join this club, help him beat the bad guys steel balls and get away with the money

-12 absolutely different opponents, each unique abilities.
-3 different game modes (The battle with the enemy, the battle with the animals and practice your balls).
-More than 20 achievements.
-Great music with a touch of madness.
-A large variety of caps and effects.
-Fun for one night.

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