Check Out Cory Thompson Streaming Pokémon Uranium Live Right Now


Update: Stream is done for the day! Check back tomorrow for the highlights! Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

Hey Game Traders. Yesterday we did a post on this Pokémon Uranium that had such a wide CPU load it crashed our server. Our good friend who provides our hosting had to bust his hump to get us back up and running. We were down for a few hours, but now back today with a vengeance streaming the same game that crashed our server.

Our amazing Co-Editor and Writer Cory A. Thompson is streaming Pokémon Uranium live right now on GT USA’s Twitch channel live right now. Come check him out here. Please support GT USA with a Like and Subscribe!!!


Pokémon Uranium - #GTUSA 2

Pokemon Uranium is a fan-made Pokemon RPG that has been in development for over 9 years. Set in the tropical Tandor region, the player will encounter more than 150 all-new species of Pokemon in their quest to collect all 8 Gym Badges and triumph over the Tandor League. Along the way, the player must battle against a sinister threat that’s causing Nuclear Meltdowns, and will encounter an all-new type of Pokemon: the Nuclear type.

Pokemon Uranium is a STANDALONE DOWNLOAD for PC and is readily available on the creators site.



Pokemon Uranium is developed by ~JV~, Involuntary-Twitch and the Uranium Team. This is a free fan-made project that is not affiliated with The Pokemon Company, Game Freak or Nintendo in any way.

Follow the creators at:
@JVuranium and @voluntarytwitch

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