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Working Cell Phone in Minecraft With Video Calls

Believe it or not, until recently it was impossible to order a pizza from Minecraft. In fact, you couldn’t make a phone call, send a text message or browse the web from the game even if you built a phone. Verizon endeavored to solve these problems by building a phone in Minecraft that can actually […]

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Devilian Coming Next Week

You are the last vanguard of Nala, a half-devil hero fighting to save your world from a fallen god. Sign up for Beta (dec 2nd) and join thousands of players in this vast, persistent-world action RPG. Spread your wings, sharpen your steel, and unleash the devil within! Unleash the Devil Within Join the fray as […]

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake

By now we have all heard that Final Fantasy 7 is being remade. But what does that mean, many people have mistaken this for a re-release, which essentially means that the exact same game would be released with updated graphics and small changes. However, Square Enix has confirmed this is not the plan. They will […]

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DOA Xtreme 3 Avoids America

The developers of Dead or Alive, Team Ninja, are very sensitive about the objectification of women in entertainment. Team Ninja stands firm on their decision to not release DOAX3 in the west over the fear of backlash of objectifying women. Their character designs are here to stay. If you’ve never played a Dead or Alive […]

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PS4 Unlocks The 30 Million Achievement!

As of Nov 22nd Sony Sold over 30.2 million PS4’s, making it Sony’s best selling console in their history. The PS4 launched on 11/15/13, making it just shy of 2 years to reach this impressive achievement. Sony’s best selling console was the PS2. The PS1 sold 100 million consoles in its 9 year lifetime. The […]

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Bungie Working on Fix For Destiny’s Vulture Errors

Some Xbox One Destiny players have been encountering “Vulture” errors since the 2.02 update recently rolled out. You should only receive that error if you try to play co-op or PvP without a Xbox Live Gold (or PlayStation Plus, as the code is not unique to Xbox) subscription, but it seems players are triggering the […]

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Rainbow Six: Siege To Get Open Beta Next Week

An open beta for team-based tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siegewill be held across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 November 25-29, Ubisoft has announced. Pre-loading starts Monday, November 23. This will give you plenty of time to try the game out before it releases on December 1. Open beta participants will be able to try […]

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Pushed Back 6 Months

As if Mankind wasn’t divided enough, Deus Ex Mankind Divided has been pushed back 6 months. The Square Enix title’s original launch date was set for February 23rd, 2016. It has now been pushed back to August 23rd, 2016. Check out the Deus Ex Universe website here. David Anfossi  stated on the website… As you […]

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The Crew Wild Run Launches on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

The Crew’s huge new expansion pack Wild Run launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC today, November 17. But even if you aren’t planning on picking it up, you’ll still have access to two key upgrades that will transform your playtime with last year’s MMOCARPG. And if you are, there’s plenty more content to tempt […]