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Youtopia – Vision Of A Healthy Virtual World

Join Developer Alan Wheat on his visionary adventure to bring fitness to the the world of Virtual Reality. I know what your thinking, people have been trying to merge exercise with gaming for years with the Kinect, exercise bikes, and in other creative ways. The majority of the gaming community are pretty lazy people. Its […]

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Valve and HTC’s VR Headset Preorders Begin in February

The virtual reality headset wars are now arriving. Oculus shot first, making the pre-orders for their headset available starting last week. Today we have word on when HTC will return fire. According to the CEO of HTC, the HTC Vive virtual reality headset will start taking pre-orders beginning on Feb. 29. “Yes, smartphones are important, […]

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OSVR Headset| Answer to Oculus Rift

While the Oculus Rift is making a splash with its big price and Facebook backing, it’s not the only VR headset around. Spearheaded by gaming company Razer and VR developer Sensics, Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) has been building steam, bringing on a ton of partners that include big names like Intel, Visionics, Unigine, and Leap […]

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A look at Oculus Rift | Founder Sorry

Oculus started accepting pre-orders for its consumer Rift on Wednesday, at which time the device’s price tag was revealed: $599. But that’s not what many consumers expected to pay for the virtual reality device. During the September Oculus Connect developer conference, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey said it would be “in the $350 ballpark.” In an […]

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Virtual Reality | OculusRift

The Oculus Rift has set up its pre-orders page. The new rift is guaranteed to launch this year so its time to start grabbing all the cash you need. To stand on top of the cost of making sure you PC is ready for the software needed, the Oculus Rift 1 will cost you a […]

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Virtual Reality Sickness – Fact or Myth?

Since the release of the Virtual Boy in the mid 90’s, I’ve been hearing that VR gives massive migraines. A term for VR induced sickness was coined called Virtual Reality Sickness. It is also known as Cyber Sickness. We also heard of many cases of VR sickness when the 2DS and 3DS both first hit […]

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Playtation VR Looks Promising, But Will Sony Follow Through?

New in gaming news, in a article by Polygon, they claim the launch version of the Playstation VR will be run through a black processing box, just a little smaller than a Wii. The processing box is used to process the VR graphics and sort out the 2nd-screen social experience on the TV. The Playstation […]

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Explore Chernobyl In This VR Game

Polish game studio “The Farm 51”, is bringing us a very creepy vr experience. In this game you will explore the desolated ruins of Chernobyl, and neighboring town Pripyat. Gives me the chills just thinking about it. In the game you will take the role of a documentary crew, sent to uncover the mysteries surrounding […]