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Gaming History | 1/3/2016

Nothing Releasing Today History 2014 Burn(t) – Android version released. (Worldwide) Continue?9876543210 – Steam release – All OS versions released. (Worldwide) Durations – Initial release; compilation not completed until March 2014 – Browser version released. (Worldwide) Gunman Clive – Steam release – Windows version released. (Worldwide) Kim Pong Il – v0.90 – Amiga version released. (Worldwide) […]

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Super Mario ReMaker Playable PC Demo

Welcome to Super Mario ReMaker. It might look a lot like the original, but its actually a fan made project that hopes to encourage Nintendo to port Super Mario Maker over to PC with extras. Nintendo is a company that takes their property rights seriously. We’ve seen them take offense at these sorts of projects […]

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Free Games | January Line-Up

As we move into the new year, that also means a new month, which means more free games from you favorite consoles. As long as you are subscribed to the paid for networks (Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus) you get 2-3 free games per month per console. Lets see what January will bring us. […]

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Gaming History | 1/2/16

– No New Games Today- History Today 2015 Komaeda Dating Sim – Windows version released. (Worldwide) Regency Solitaire – iWin release – Windows/MAC version released. (Worldwide) 2014 Accumulus – v1.0.055 – Amiga version released. (Worldwide) Arroway – v1.01.079 – Amiga version released. (Worldwide) Detective Grimoire: Secret of the Swamp – All OS/Mobile versions released. (Worldwide) Farm […]

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Final Fantasy IX | Coming to PC

Final Fantasy IX will be making its way to PC and smartphones in Japan, Square Enix has announced. With this 4 of the biggest Final Fantasy titles will be available on the PC for purchase and play. Final Fantasy 6-9 being on the PC makes those of us who truly enjoy these classics very excited. […]

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Today In Gaming | 1/1/16

Today’s Releases Steam Kill The Plumber Kill the Plumber is a challenging reverse-platformer game. Play as the enemies instead of the hero for a unique new experience! Gaming History 2015 All the Way Down – Windows version released. (Worldwide) Bionic Commando: Elite Forces – Nintendo eShop – Virtual Console – Nintendo 3DS version released. (United […]

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Custom Color Shifting Abe’s Oddysee PS1

Its been a couple weeks since I featured a custom console. So I’ve had this odd shinny PS1, by Mark A. Liptak, scouted out for a while. I love color shifting chameleon paint. Its really set off by the epic Abe’s Oddysee picture in the center and crustic green buttons. Another masterpiece by Mal Custom […]

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Virtual Reality Sickness – Fact or Myth?

Since the release of the Virtual Boy in the mid 90’s, I’ve been hearing that VR gives massive migraines. A term for VR induced sickness was coined called Virtual Reality Sickness. It is also known as Cyber Sickness. We also heard of many cases of VR sickness when the 2DS and 3DS both first hit […]

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GameJolt | Indies Hidden Gem

Everyone has that time, when they have beaten the AAA titles and they just don’t want to replay something over again. We sit and browse for something that’s coming out, or something we just haven’t played in a while. After a couple days we revert to the Mobile device with those crappy little 2d games […]