Carbine Studios| In not so stellar shape



Carbine studios has undergone a significant reduction in force. NCsoft delivered the news on the Wildstar forums last week stating that it was underging “a reorganization of its operating structure” meaning it laid off a bunch of people.

NCsoft stated the layoffs were due to “WildStar’s evolution from a product in development to a live title, to the cancellation of work to bring WildStar to China, and to the overall performance of WildStar since launch in 2014.”

While they didn’t personally state how many people were laid off from this reorganization Polygon stated more than 70 people were let go. While this is a bad time for those employees to make things a little worse remaining employees were even reportedly told there might be more lay-offs might be around the corner.
5cd32d5572ea48bef90478113c7b83ca“These kinds of decisions are exceptionally difficult. The talented and passionate professionals who are impacted by these cuts have been valuable team members and respected colleagues. We wish everyone well for the future and will be providing severance and employment search assistance,” NCsoft said. “As for WildStar, we remain committed to the game. Over the next few weeks and months we will deliver a significant update to the game, kick off a variety of community events, and continue our work on new content that we will talk more about in the near future.”

This isn’t the first time Carbine has had to reduce their staff, in October 2014, they had to lay-off roughly 60 people. After this reduction some changes were made to the game. It transitioned to a free-to-play model last autumn, but clearly that process is still shaking out.

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