Breathtaking Zelda Fan Art


When it comes to fan art, Zelda may have the most amazing selection. Just skimming the selections, the best word that came to mind was breathtaking. So I’ve put together a fan art gallery that Hy-Rules.

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Zelda Fan Art - #GTUSA 1
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A large selection of beautiful fan arts on the world of Zelda and Link. From the realistic version to the Kawaii version through the Art Nouveau version, there is something for everyone! My choice goes to the “Limbo Zelda” and “Scott Pilgrim Zelda”. 😉 Of course, the ultimate fan art of Zelda will always be this one: A Giant Epic Illustration to celebrate the 25th Zelda’s Birthday


Zelda Fan Art - #GTUSA 2
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Legend of Zelda by jonasdero


Zelda Fan Art - #GTUSA 3Image Source –

Another amazing fan art image brought to us by


Zelda Fan Art - #GTUSA 4
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Impressive and giant, this The legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword poster is the work of artist ThaL-DAWB. It quite matches the other Zelda poster we saw earlier.


Zelda Fan Art - #GTUSA 5
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Link is going to get a kiss by Princess Zelda finally, no wonder..he just saved her and whole Hyrule from the evil Ganondorf ?


Zelda Fan Art - #GTUSA 6
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TwinmoldZelda fan art

by Rodrigo Ramos


Zelda Fan Art - #GTUSA 7
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Celebrating 25 years of Zelda, anonymous artist Ag+ has created an enormous fan art painting.


Zelda Fan Art - #GTUSA 8
Image & Info Source –

Link Shadows Of The Past The Legend Of Zelda Fan Art

Zelda Fan Art - #GTUSA 9
Image & Info Source –

Queen Gohma by Pertheseus


Zelda Fan Art - #GTUSA 10

Image Source –

Shadow Link – Zelda – Fan art Art


Zelda Fan Art - #GTUSA 11
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Right click it , enlarge it and see what I mean. This is the battle seen at the end of Ocarina of time where Ganondor transforms into Ganon. Princess Zelda is outside of ring of fire as Link Battles Ganon in the ruins of an enchanted castle. This battle is simply epic and it is depicted as such.
Zelda Fan Art - #GTUSA 12
Image & Info Source –

Legend of Zelda FanArt/Wallpaper

by MaidenOfTheWolf


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