Breaking down the experimental tracking feature in PokemonGO!


Despite Niantic’s efforts to work on other parts of the game, a vocal subset of the PokemonGo! playerbase continues to demand increased Pokemon tracking capabilities. Yesterday, as a part of a larger update, a few users were selected to beta test a new tracking system. It seems like San Francisco is a hot zone for the new testing. One such tester is reddit user Anarisis, and he posted a thread breaking down the new feature. I’ve done my best to translate his findings below.

For a video, check Twitter vid by Jackson Palmer. 


In addition to wild Pokémon in your area (now displayed under “sightings”), you will see Pokémon attached to pokéstops in your area.

If you tap one of the Pokémon under “sightings”, this message is displayed.

Pokémon finderPokémon finder

Pokémon finder

Tapping one of the Pokémon in your tracker will pull up an image showing the pokéstop it is attached to.

Bird's-eye mapBird's-eye map

Bird’s-eye map

If you press “view”, the map will zoom out and show you a bird’s-eye view of your area, so you can get a sense of where the Pokémon is located.

Tracking iconTracking icon

Tracking icon

A tracking icon is displayed rendered in the game to indicate which pokéstop you should be going to.

Pokéfinder after selectionPokéfinder after selection

Pokéfinder after selection

After you have selected a Pokémon in your tracker, you can reopen the Pokéfinder and press “clear” to deselect the Pokémon.



When you approach a pokéstop with an attached Pokémon, the Pokémon will appear roughly within lure range. Pokémon attached to a pokéstop are indicated by white circles under their model.



If the Pokémon despawns before you reach it, the game gives you an alert informing you that the Pokémon has fled.

That’s all folks! I hope this awesome tracking method gets spread to the rest of the userbase sooner rather than later!

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