If your a female Cosplayer with a nice butt, then Cammy from the Street Fighter series should be your go to video game character. Cammy has brought out some off the hottest booty pics in the Cosplay world. Since I’m a Street Fighter fan, and like a nice butt like most guys, I’m excited about putting this booty-full Cammy White Cosplay Gallery together. If your not familiar with Cammy, here are some facts before we get started.

Cammy, also known by full name Cammy White and codenamed Killer Bee  in Street Fighter Alpha 3, is a video game character in the Street Fighter fighting game series and the second female fighter to appear in the series, after Chun-Li. She debuted in 1993 as one of the four new characters in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. She has also been featured in the Street Fighter Alpha games, first as a secret character and then as a playable character. The games explore her backstory as one of the evil M. Bison’s deadliest assassins or “dolls” turned an amnesiac MI6 operative for the British government.

Cammy has also appeared in other Street Fighter media, such as the 1994 live action Street Fighter film and its animated spin-off, as well as Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. She has also been featured in various official comics and merchandise, as well as in the crossover series Marvel vs. Capcom and Capcom vs. SNK. The character has been well received, with commentators often noting her sex appeal. Cammy is also one of the most popular characters in the series, often winning polls regarding fans who want to see her appear in new Street Fighter titles and spin-offs.

In 2008, GameDaily listed her among “ten babes who shouldn’t meet your mom” for her “simply asking for trouble” Alpha series costume and for being a “no-nonsense assassin”. They also rank Cammy tenth in their list of the 50 hottest female characters in video games. In 2012, Complex ranked her as the 26th “most dominant” fighting game character for her looks and her assassination scene in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, also ranking her “How does it feel getting beaten by a tiny girl like me?” as the 30th humiliating victory quote in fighting games, and included her among greatest soldiers in video games, commenting: “Never mind that her uniform isn’t exactly standard issue; she still kicks a lot of ass.”


Cammy Cosplay - #GTUSA 1
Image source – www.nerdcaliber.com


Cammy Cosplay - #GTUSA 2
Image Source – selectgame.gamehall.uol.com.br


Cammy Cosplay - #GTUSA 3
Image Source – mulpix.com


Cammy Cosplay - #GTUSA 4
Image Source – www.playstationpro2.com


Cammy Cosplay - #GTUSA 5
Image Source – mangaraw.net


Cammy Cosplay - #GTUSA 6
Image Source – multipad.deviantart.com


Cammy Cosplay - #GTUSA 7
Image Source – mulpix.com


Cammy Cosplay - #GTUSA 8
Image Source – www.pinterest.com


Cammy Cosplay - #GTUSA 9
Image Source – vertvixen.tumblr.com


Cammy Cosplay - #GTUSA 10
Image Source – twitter.com


Cammy Cosplay - #GTUSA 11
Image Source – ivettepuig.deviantart.com


Cammy Cosplay - #GTUSA 12
Image Source – schuylerthorpe.wordpress.com
Featured Image Source – www.flickr.com
Info Source – Wikipedia
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