Boogeyman | Remember Your Childhood



We’ve all had them, the bump in the hall when no ones home. The creak of your door when you sleep. That shadow moving silently along the wall, is it real? Is it your imagination?

What happens when those fears become reality? When the creak of the door is an actual threat? How do you fight off a shadow, is it in the room already or is it outside?

Enter 8 year old Thomas has just moved into his new house; His parents snapping up the deal for the property without realising its dark past. Thomas finds a stereo player with a tape left inside, and a flashlight… As darkness falls, he soon realises he is not alone within the room… The tape begins to play.


A haunting melody of history repeating itself as you sit listening to the story of your previous tenant sharing her memories and fears through recorded tape.

From this point forward you spend your night searching for your nightmares from your bed. You cannot move, you cannot run you can only look and hope your flash light batteries make it until the morning.



With the Boogeyman creeping from your hall, vent and even your window. Keep your breath quiet and your eyes open. But beware, your eyes can be affected by things. You must keep your ears open for the queues that tell you what he is up to.

Enjoy this rush, just make sure you keep your flashlight close by afterwords.