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Today the update to Boogeyman releases on Steam. I was able to get my hands on this game early to get some quality time with it, thanks to Barry of “BlackStarGames”.

When the original game released we took on the role of young Thomas, defending his room from the Boogeyman who haunted him and the previous tenant of his new room. 7 nights of hell surround you as you struggle to stay one step ahead of the Boogeyman. Doors, Windows, Vents nothing is safe as he appears sporadically around your room.

If this wasn’t hectic enough trying to hear through noisy storms and randomly activating toys. The best way to catch him is to hear him opening the ways into your room. So of course you sit close the screen eyes squinting into the darkness, headphones at full blast.

Now with the 2.0 update, not only do you have to survive that hellish rendition of “King of the Mountain” and “Hide and Seek”, you have to locate your missing flashlight some where in your house, in the dark. We all know the darkness brings the boogeyman a knocking, but now you don’t know where the little bastard is.

The biggest thing this changes is that you no longer spend time stationary and him coming to you. You now wonder the darkness, knowing, he is somewhere close by just waiting for you to miss a light switch or close a door.

I spent some time playing the beta release last night and I have to say, I can’t wait to get back to it. This game was so immersive, I lost track of time and ended up playing way later than I was supposed to. I highly recommend picking this game up for the $7.99 it’s costing on steam.

Check out the official trailer below.

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