Blizzard Will Be Killing The ‘’ Name

on is going away.

Today Blizzard announced that it’s moving away from using the moniker when referring to its online services. “ technology will continue to serve as the central nervous system for Blizzard games — nothing is changing in that regard,” the company wrote in a forum post. “We’ll just be referring to it as Blizzard tech instead.”

Blizzard has also pointed out that the re-branding has already started happening, with a lot of their services being called “Blizzard X,” just like Blizzard Streaming.

Blizzard is doing away with the name because there has been “occasional confusion and inefficiencies” related to having a single name for something that represents multiple things.

“Given that built-in multiplayer support is a well-understood concept and more of a normal expectation these days, there isn’t as much of a need to maintain a separate identity for what is essentially our networking technology,” Blizzard said.

The company will continue to “move forward with this change” over the next several months. launched in 1996 alongside the original Diablo and offered players chat rooms and multiplayer game listings. Blizzard launched a major revamp for, called 2.0, in 2009. Many of the company’s websites and forums are still hosted on domains.

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