Blade & Soul | Ready to Play?



As of the 19th the NCSoft Martial Arts MMO has been released. This launch was well worth waiting for and the game itself is starting off on a good foot. I have a couple hours of game play in this game as of now and can say I am super excited to get lossed in this game.

Blade & Soul is free to download and play! Install and begin your adventures today. Use the button below to link to the direct downloader on the Blade and Soul site

Blade and Soul’s biggest strength is undoubtedly its skill-based combat system. Rather than simply giving you a bunch of hotkeys and encouraging you to rinse and repeat your tactics for each consecutive battle, many of your conflicts in the game will be contextual, with you being forced to think on your feet in order to take out different enemy types/rival players. The extent of your powers is revealed to you slowly as you progress through its story, with side-quests revealing new combos that can be used in order to maximize your advantage against your opponents.

The other thing that is unique about this game that I have learned (reading online of course) is that this game is more focused on improving your skills and gear rather than replacing it. Weapon drops are not something you see, instead of dropping your weapon the second something new drops and forgetting about it, you weapon will upgrade through your trials and change to become something you are quite attached to.

While you will find the options to purchase new weapons through the online market, you won’t be finding weapon drops off every other fight or every couple hours. Most weapons you do find will be better used to get your weapon upgraded and evolved.

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