BlackStarGames | Boogeyman Dev Interview



How did you get into creating games.
“I started playing around with RPG Maker XP back when it came out,
and have always had an interest in game development since then. I
left a full time job on fairly decent money to go to college /
university to learn game development (5 years later) and here I am
publishing my first game on Steam I studied a bit of everything,
animation, music, concept art, design, 3D art, programming, etc...
However, I choose the 3D Environment artist path at university in which my
degree is in
I worked for a time at R8 Studios after graduating, on their game on
Steam (still in alpha I believe) Formula Fusion a lot of my
environment work is in there, and the vehcile shield effects were my
work. I can't really discuss why I left as I signed an NDA. But they
dropped a large portion of their team, me included I had already got
a house etc and setteled down where I currently am, the only jobs I
could find were in London etc, pretty far away.”
So you made the choice to make your own game and go from there?
“Yeah pretty much so I took the impossible route of been a solo
indie developer. It's going well so far, and it's pretty nice working
from home.”
They say under pressure we make our greatest hopes a reality.
“Yeah, I was working 18 hours a day including weekends of quite
awhile to meet a Halloween deadline, for obvious reasons with the
genre of my game.”
Well I say it paid off, the game looks beautiful and has amassed
quite the cult following including some full plays on some of the
biggest YouTube channels.
“It's done much better than I had hoped. I was hoping my first game
would keep my afloat to focus on a larger project.”
On that note, what inspired you to create a horror game?
"RPG, FPS, adventure, and so on all require really large worlds and
levels usually. I felt a horror game within a single room to focus
all my efforts on was a nice first step. In truth I'm not much of a
fan of horror games. The last time I played one was on the
playstation 1 with the old resident evils. Creating one though is
obviously a lot differnt from playing one and I love horror movies
So I tried to make it feel more atmospheric and that 'tense' feeling you
get from watching horror films."
It worked for sure! The atmosphere of the game keeps you on your
toes, especially when the other objects in the room start making
noise. That was a great addition.
"I'm currently working on 2.0, which includes the entire house to
explore. As staying in one room the entire game does get a little
dull / repetative"
I like that idea, adding interesting ideas to where you can be
"Yeah, I like exploring within games too, so it gives me chance to
hide a lot of the story around the house, along with the risk of
bumping into the Boogeyman lurking around."
Where did your inspiration for the art of "Boogeyman" come
"It's true I got the mechanic of defending enterances to the room from
FNAF4 everything else however was purely just my own way of doing things.
Including the art, I knew I wanted it to feel cartoony, but still very real, as
if looking through a child's eyes. Bright vibrant colours, lots of
variations to lighting and such."
So the actual Boogeyman character, was he something you dreamed up,
or was he your own personal "nightmare" as a child?
“I heard people saying it looks similar to amoung the sleep and
such, which I'd never heard of until pointed out.
I had pretty bad nightmares as a kid, and I was terrified of the dark
so I tried replicating that base fear and tension with The
Boogeyman. I watched 'The Candy Man' when I was 7 and it terrified me for months.
I realized this game would attract a lot of young players, so I stayed
away from blood / intense gore and such. He's made sort of goofy
looking on purpose."
Nightmare mode however.... will feature a very different rendition of the
I do like the way the game played out my children like horror games,
but I don't like them watching intense violence, so I like that they
can enjoy it to.
Oh I'm totally looking forward to a 'Nightmare Mode'
“Yeah I'm sure there are people who were expecting a more 'true
horror' experience haha, but I feel it's a nice 'medium' for younger
and older players alike with the way the game is Nightmare mode is
for the more 'hardcore' horror fans.”
Can't wait to experience it!