Best iOS Strategy Games of 2017


Strategic games are games that demand the players to utilize their thinking and decision making skills, in order to progress in the game. The brain is often put to test as the decisions that are made have a direct impact on whether the player is going to win that game or not. These games have different rules that have been set and only people who are aware of these rules can play. Those who have never played such games need to sharpen and enhance their mental skills. These rules are constant in all the games and cannot be changed or broken. Strategic games usually have levels with challenges and motivations to make the players interested and continue playing. iOS devices also allow their users to access as many strategic games from App Store where they can download them. The list is endless and everyone has their favorites but don’t you worry, this article will help you identify the best games among all of them since it couldn’t possibly cover all of them.



  • Invincible Inc.


If you are a fast thinker and with fast reflexes, Invincible Inc is your game; this game grants you access to control as many as up to ten characters. I know what you are thinking, how can one person control ten characters? This all depends on how sneaky and uniquely fast you are. You also have to be fast with the controls to pull this one out. Good thing is you do not have to worry about how you will get to the next level as long as you keep playing. The levels are charged as randomly as possible and completing the given objectives and beating your opponents. Each of all those characters have customized options that will help keep them alive. The game can be a little hard at first but once you get a hang of it you will never put your control pad down.



  • Star Wars: Force Arena


If you have watched any Star wars film or if you are a star wars fan then I definitely suggest this game for you. But again if you don’t have any idea what star wars is all about, you will know in a bit. This game has only one main objective that is straightforward and must be achieved. There is a deck that has six cards which are very different from one other and one leader. All you have to do is use this allocated cards to try and put your opponents’ tower down. The cards help you move around the battle field with the help of only one shield generator. You also get three turrets but required to destroy as many towers as possible in only three minutes. In each round you are expected to defend yourself as possible from the opponents’ and whoever manages to take the other persons shield operator wins the game instantly. Being familiar with the film is an added advantage since the leader cards are names after all the lead characters. Then again this is something that can be learnt with time even without having watched the film.



  • Clash of Clans


The main objective of this strategic game is to be the most outstanding township. You are supposed to build up your army who help you mine gold and elixirs that adds your health. This army is supposed to be trained and equipped as they help you invade the other goblins territory. It is interesting as it allows you to live more as long as you keep destroying. It’s not as easy as it may sound as it still demands a lot of concentration and fast tactics; the same goblins that you try to kill come from all directions and try their level best to steal your gold. Good thing you and your friends can team up and make a clan that will make you strong and unstoppable. This clan can forcefully fight the goblins and not only steal their gold but also their trophies and destroy them eventually.



  • Clash Royale


The success of Clash of clans made clash royale to be created. This is a strategy game that is played in real time and uses currencies called clash royale gems. These gems can be purchased online or bought in stores that deal with the same. They have different packages for specific value of money. Alternatively these gems can be earned by a player once the allocated objectives are met and the tournaments won or by opening chests. The players collect cards as they play and can upgrade these cards at different levels. A player can only have a minimum of eight cards at a go and has to use them to destroy the opponent’s tower. The player has to strategically plan and execute moves and complete all the challenges. Once the winner wins they get a random chest of cards that differ all the time. You can get the latest information about clash royale on



  • Plaque Inc.


This is a twisted strategic game that has a different mode of survival. In the game you are a deadly disease, interesting much right? The aim is for you to destroy the humans who live in planet earth. When you destroy lies you are rewarded in the form of DNA. This reward earned can be used to make your disease even deadly when you upgrade. When it comes to upgrading the player has to think through the decision. Strategic planning is involved in maintaining the spread of the disease as medical teams do all they can to try and destroy it. They work endlessly and do their research to try and eradicate this disease and you are expected to get a way through them. Some moves may include skipping the cities that are full of doctors or trying to kill all the doctors and the team members involved in the plan of destroying you. The more you find a way of surviving is the more you will spread the disease hence killing as many humans as this guarantees you a win. All these tasks needs to be done before the doctors discover a cure or you will lose.

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