What are some of the best apps not available in the playstore?


Most of us have android phones to connect with the digital world. Those android phones will work on the applications. The apps used in the android phones are mostly downloaded from the Google playstore. The Google apps are very securable and easy to use. You can get Google apps for free of cost from the app store. Google apps help to run your Android phone to perform the variety of actions. Till now the Google playstore has more than a million of apps for android phones with various categories.

It is not evident that all the apps are available in the Google playstore. Yes, there are plenty of best and most wanted apps also not available on the Google playstore. But there are few top android apps also not available on the Google apps store. Even some apps seem to be a mystery for users. They don’t know even these apps are existing in the real world so. Everyone likes to reveal about the available apps, but we think different to give information about the apps that do not exist with the Google app stores. To answer the question, what are the some of the best apps not available in the playstore? We came with a list of best and famous apps that are widely used in android devices.

TV portal app

We knew that this app is most familiar to spend the free time to enjoy the live and favorite streaming from online. You need not go to a website or torrent page to download the latest or favorite movies. You can get all these things from the TV portal app. everyone knows that this could be the best choice for watching the TV series, movies, videos and other aspects with the suitable format. The TV portal app can be accessed only with apk file format.  There are many apps like TV portal app to stream the videos from online. But you can be allowed to download the apk file for using it. These apps are not included in Google playstore due to various certification issues. Know more about tv portal app.

Tube mate

You might have come across this name somewhere else on the internet, or you may have used this app previously. This is one of the excellent featured apps to access the YouTube videos as per your wish. From tube mate, you can get the YouTube videos with the different format. From tube mate app, the videos files can be extracted as MP3 file. This is the well known and very popular app to get the YouTube videos with the same quality. Unfortunately, this app is not available with the Google playstore.

Lucky patcher app

This app performs like its name lucky is used to modify the apps.  Lucky patcher app helps you to access the android apps on your devices with overcoming all the permissions. You should root your Android device to access all the apps through the lucky patcher app. It is also not available with the Google app store. You need to download it from the external website to experience the real feel of other apps which hard to access from your Android device.

Blackmart alpha app

This is similar to the Google app store. The Blackmart Alpha app allows downloading the apps for free of cost which very expensive from the Google playstore. Plenty of applications are available and added every day into the Blackmart app store for using the different apps. Also, you have to download and install this app from the outside of the Google store.

Wi-Fi kill app

This is an amazing app to protect your Wi-Fi network from the third party users. You will get to know about this app from online sites. This app has a huge advantage over the wifi network users. The sad part is you won’t get this application from the Google play store. The app is designed with enormous features which are capable of handling the secured internet facilities.

Final words

We have come up with few best apps which are not accessible via Google playstore platform. These famous and useful apps are available on the external site. You can download and use it according to your needs.

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