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DR2C Walkthrough

Is DR2C getting on your last nerve, but you can’t seem to put it down? Don’t stress any longer. I’ve put together everything you need to know right here.

If you’ve found your way to my post here, your probably struggling to master DR2C. At first conquering the death road seems impossible. With the following tips I assure you the game will get much easier.

DR2C can be a very frustrating game no matter how good you are at it, but there is just something about it that keeps you coming back for more. Its been my wife and my go to co-op game for months. At first we really struggled because we didn’t fully understand the games mechanics. Now we can beat the easier game modes nearly every try.

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My first tip is going to revolve around character builds. The characters you choose, and pick up along the way really make a difference in your experience. Keep in mind that as you play the game more, the characters perks can go up 3 levels.

For my lead character I always choose a fighting class build. Usually I go with an Athlete Warrior. As the leader of the pack your character needs to be as strong and fit as possible to clear the way.

Having a strong and fit team is important, but its good to have a handy Buddy. I find nothing is more handy then having a medic on the team. The better your medics stats, the less medicine it takes to heal. I also find the Explorer perk is very handy because it opens an extra slot in the Always Be Looting Events. My favorite buddy build is a Nurturing Explorer.

I always try to protect my medic. Its also very handy to have a good Mechanic on the team. Nothing can kill your moral like a vehicle break down. Medics and Mechanics are usually weaker fighter, but well worth their weight in gold in the long run.

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Overall I find the most important thing to keep an eye on the entire game is your moral. Keeping your moral up is vital. When your characters moral gets to low they will start demanding other crew members be kicked off of the team, abandon the crew while taking off with supplies, or getting into a much dreaded Fatal Argument.

The Death Road can be brutal. One minute your characters can all have perfect moral and an inventory full of loot, the next minute you can be running for your life in a storm getting taken out by bandits left and right. Always try to keep your moral high, and food in good supply.

The next thing I want to cover is the importance of your weapon selection. There are 2 types of melee weapons, breakable and unbreakable. In the beginning you have to take what you can get, but as you go knowing what weapons to look for can really help.

In the beginning of Dr2C you want to find a base unbreakable weapon and any gun for all of your characters. Until you acquire good melee weapons its okay to use bats, hockey sticks, and golf clubs, but you don’t want them to break and be left empty handed. In the beginning your characters will be weaker. Take heavy weapons if that’s what you come across, but I advise to keep an eye out for the Hatchet or frying pan.

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In the long run I try to fill my lead characters slots with either a aluminum bat or machete, a high end gun, and the chain saw. I can’t tell you how many time having a chainsaw with gas has got me through impossible siege situations.

Knowing what stages to select can be a huge help. In the beginning your usually desperate for weapons. The best place to find good melee weapons are usually Sports, athletic, or hardware stores. At first if your not going on a weapon run, your focus should be on building your food supply.

As your progress you’ll notice special events popup in red and blinking colors. These events are usually harder, but they are special for a reason. They usually offer something extra, or an insane amount of supplies. The best event to lookout for is Hotdog Heaven. Not only does it house the Wiener Wagon, but it also has many different shops filled with loot.

Before choosing a special event you should take a few thing into consideration. If your characters are tired, don’t even think about it. You should also estimates your teams strength. These events usually entail killing a lot more zombies. Having good weapons is another factor to consider. Not taking the time to think about your strengths before taking on a special event can lead to dire consequences.

Special characters can either be a curse or a blessing. Having the Valkyrie, Anime Girl, Lonk, or Rambo join your team can add a lot of stomping power. Characters like Garfield, Dogs, the Body Builder, Octodad, or a few others can hinder the team. Sometimes it seems like having anyone join the team can help, but choosing the wrong teammates can really mess you up in the long run. Sometimes its better to leave the bad characters behind.

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The Knight is a strong character, but he always leaves the team fast. If you only have 1 – 3 characters you have nothing to lose by adding him to the team. If you have 4 characters don’t kick anyone off the team for the Knight unless you really don’t want them. Jason is another super strong character, but he eventually will scare off every member of your crew.

At night time and during bad weather the zombies become increasingly aggressive. If you notice its getting late in the day you should pick up the pace. Sometimes I’ll pull into a great location at night time. With just one look at the horde size I just get right back into the car and deal with the consequences. Sometime you have to pick your battles wisely.

There is a rare Toilet Genie in the game. I’ve heard you have a 1 in 100 chance of finding him. I’d estimate my success rate is around 1 in 30. I’ve heard there is a super rare chance of having the Genie join the team by asking him if he is evil. I tried 3 times. Every time he said he was, and a butt-ton of zombies appeared out of thin air. Its best to wish for food. A wealth of grub appears out of thin air with this choice.

Sometimes a demon will popup in the car. Feeding him and then sacrificing a character can make one character or the entire team stronger. Sometimes a Vortex will popup while driving. If you calculate the vectors, then toss a character in, that characters name will be spelled backwards, their appearance will change, and they become stronger. I think they always become stronger. There is also a alter in the spooky houses sometimes. I’m not sure if their is a perk to these alters, but in my experience using it leads to death, so I avoid them.

My last tip is to try to keep up with your vehicle. I’ve had so many great rounds go south because of break downs. Having a good mechanic is important. Strength, fitness, and medical are more important in my opinion, but having a good mechanic can save your life.

When my wife and I first started playing I combed many articles and videos looking for good walk-throughs and cheats. I got a few good tips, but found most guides are by inexperienced players. It takes time to get the game down. There are no cheats that I can find.

If you read this article to this point, I’m sure your loving DR2C so far, and are probably very frustrated. Don’t stress any longer. Get to know the mechanics of the game and I assure you the game will become much easier. I hope my tips help your experience.

If I missed anything, or you have any further questions, please leave a comment below. I freaking love DR2C, and don’t mind helping you figure it out. In the meantime I’m patiently waiting for the sequel. Its suppose to come out sometime this year.

Enjoy The Death Road!!!

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