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Battlefield 1 Beta Live Now

Wait no further to test out Electronic Arts most recent iteration of the Battlefield franchise. This beta is set in a wide open desert map called Sinai and features a revamped conquest mode, as well as Rush. There’s been much praise of the diverse mix of planes, infantry, tanks, and horseback combat but players on Reddit are complaining about Electronic Arts’ decision to neuter the standard Battlefield gametype, conquest.  Players are concerned the introduction of a time limit and the lack of ticket drain is preventing comebacks. In addition, deaths do not cost tickets either, which has limited the functionality of the medic class.

battlefield 1 beta

Free Weapons for All

Here’s another tip from Reddit: It seems like a bug in the beta allows users to try all the different weapons without EXP progressoin. Here’s how:

You’re able to obtain all weapons without levelling up a single class, by going to and purchasing them there. After you equip them, they’re also equipped ingame.


  • Step 1: Go to and sign in
  • Step 2: Click on CAREER
  • Step 3: Select BF1
  • Step 4: Go to LOADOUT
  • Step 5: Buy whatever you want
  • Step 6: Go ingame
  • Step 7: Profit

Obviously this is a bug that has to be resolved in the final build of the game…

Thanks for testing /u/aikje

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