Battalion 1944 | Stretch Goals



Battalion 1944 is a game we’ve discussed before. They are an open world WW2 MMO that people are for sure looking forward to.

Three weeks ago that the Kickstarter for the World War Two multiplayer shooter Battalion 1944 blew past its initial $142,000 goal, yet it’s only today that developer Bulkhead Interactive got around to announcing stretch goals. The good news is that a single-player campaign is among them. However, with so little time and them setting a very high price, chances are thin for it to be added. At this time they are at $365,478 pledged of $142,577 goal. However, the single-player campaign will be added if the Kickstarter achieves $1.67 million in funding.

While this is likely unattainable there are many features of the extended funding that people will look forward to.


Due to the overwhelming request of single player story is the reason for even considering it. If you want it, you must pay for it.

“Whilst the heart of Battalion lies in the multiplayer experience (which will always be our core focus), we would consider adding a single player campaign if we reached £1,200,000,” Bulkhead Interactive. “Good single player campaigns aren’t cheap to make, there’s no ‘add single player’ button for us; it would cost a lot of time and money to make, hence the large funding goal.”

Okay and at this point it is climbing but I don’t think its going to reach that goal by end of period.