Basket Ball Mode Coming To Rocket League


Today developer Psyonix released a Twitter teaser that Rocket League will be getting a Basket Ball Mode, possibly called Hoops.

Basket Ball Mode Coming To Rocket League #GTUSA 2

How this will work hasn’t been announced. By looking at the teaser pic it looks like you will have to use highly dynamic aerial moves to shoot the giant b-ball up the half-pipe ramp and into the enormous hoop. Looks like it could be a fun addition.

This isn’t the first time Rocket League is breaking into other sports besides soccer. Last year they added the free Snow Day Playlist, which transforms Rocket League into a Vehicular Hockey Mode. Hopefully the new Hoops mode will be free also. There have been no hints on pricing.

Rocket League has been very successful since launch. Hence the continued support from developers. Rocket League had over a million players on Xbox One only 3 weeks after release, and its success continues to grow. We’ll be sure to update you when there is more news about this exciting add-on.


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