“Baby Blues” ~ I Think I Need A Diaper Change


Baby Blues – I wanted to check this game out during the week of Halloween. This year I had a horror game overload, and didn’t end up getting to this creepy free game.

You play as Tommy the Toddler. Tommy loves his teddy bears. He wakes up in the middle of the night to some creepiness, and realizes his teddies are missing. So Tommy the Toddler decides to go all Tommy Pickles and find them.

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This is a rare game where you get to play in the shoes of a baby. The reason why there aren’t to many games made from the perspective of a baby, is probably because you move at turtle like speeds.

Though the movement is kind of slow, its actually a pretty cool game. The house is super creepy, with all kinds of scary elements. Things are falling all over the place, and ghostly things are appearing everywhere. This toddler is fearless none the less. He’ll stop at nothing to find his precious teddy bears.

Baby Blues PC Game Horror - #GTUSA 2

I was really getting into this game. It has such an eerie feel to it. Then one of the scariest things in gaming happened. I explored behind a table and hit a glitch. Wah, wah, wah!!!

If your a fan of horror games, Baby Blues is definitely worth checking out. Besides hitting a glitch, I liked what I played of it. I wasn’t going to record much longer anyway. Since its free to download, I recommend adding it to your collection.

Official Game Description

Baby Blues

Baby Blues is a horror game where the player is placed in the shoes of Tommy The Toddler. Tommy, as all the other children his age loves to play with toys, but the most beloved toys for Tommy are his teddies. The 3-year-old wakes up to a strange noise in the middle of the night with a bright dim light shining in his eyes. Realizing his beloved teddies are missing; He climbs down out of bed and start to look for them..

Game & Info Source – GameFront

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