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Tacoma | Delayed Release

The Fullbright Co. has pushed the release of their adventure game “Tacoma” back to some time in 2017. The developer, who’s previous work includes “Gone Home” has explained on their companies blog that they have some changes to make after receiving some feedback on the early Tacoma build. “… After we did our big unveiling […]

Gaming Microsoft

Lionhead Studios | Under the Gun

Microsoft has shut down development on Fable Legends and is in thought of shutting down Lionhead Studios. This brings 2 questions to mind. 1. Will this be the end of the Fable franchise. With 3 great titles under their belt and 1 multiplayer version of the game under way, what will happen with these projects. […]


Battalion 1944 | Stretch Goals

Battalion 1944 is a game we’ve discussed before. They are an open world WW2 MMO that people are for sure looking forward to. Three weeks ago that the Kickstarter for the World War Two multiplayer shooter Battalion 1944 blew past its initial $142,000 goal, yet it’s only today that developer Bulkhead Interactive got around to […]

Gaming Nintendo

Nintendo NX and Zelda

Nintendo has been very good about keeping the lid on their NX console. The Next generation in Nintendo Gaming. At this point we have hear a lot of rumors about a 2016 release but nothing truly concrete. However SuperMetaldave64 appears to have gotten an exclusive scoop from a Nintendo employee. The information has been verified […]

Gaming News

Activision Blizzard | Taking over Gaming

Activision Blizzard, already one of the largest gaming publishers in the business, has now grown further. The company today announced that it’s completed its acquisition of Candy Crush developer King Digital Entertainment. The company paid $18 for each outstanding share, for a total buyout price of $5.9 billion. Candy Crush Saga is one of the […]


Are you Ready? | carmageddon Returns

If you were gaming back in 1997 or if your are a fan of retro gaming, you remember the date, June 30, 1997. The day one of the most contreversial games ever created was released, carmageddon. In many countries (including Germany and, for a short time, the UK), the first release of the game was […]


Pokemon Coming

With just a few days left until the Pokemon release lets recap what we have coming. Pokken Tournament: The tournament begins March 18th in the US and Europe. This fighting style Pokemon game is aiming to be more Pokemon and less Tekken Tournament. Lets hope they have a good style when this is released. I […]


Amazon Steps Up | Lumberyard

Amazon has jumped into the game creation world by releasing their completely free “Lumberyard” game development. This platform allows for creation for PC and Console with no setup or royalty fees. Fees come in only, as Lumberyard’s official page notes, if the game takes advantage of the engine’s integration with Amazon Web Services for multiplayer. While […]

Gaming Geeky

VR Game Design | Not so far away

The Unreal engine is jumping on the VR train much faster than other places. The engine will soon release VR content creation tools with their software. While this may sound strange, imagine being able to use your hands and arms to pick up, arrange and move the contents of your game around. Epic Games’ Tim […]


Life is Strange | Limited Edition

Life is Strange was a phenomenon that reached through the world. Being told as one of the greatest games released at this time. With hours of game play released onto Youtube by players such as JackSepticEye. This game has taken the world by storm. Now the Life is Strange limited edition is available to the […]

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One things broken? Why not All of it

A Fallout fan had to destroy his $125 special edition vinyl soundtrack in order to secure a refund. According to Eurogamer, Paul Watson contacted Bethesda when he realised one of his four-disc Fallout 3 vinyl special edition soundtrack records arrived warped. Watson submitted a photograph to Bethesda of this warped record. They issued a $25.00 […]


DOOM Box Art

Where the story and idea behind the new DOOM do have us excited. With Bethesda working on it and recently coming to us with Fallout 4 we have really high hopes for the revival of this game. However, they released the cover for DOOM publicly yesterday and it brings a slight whisper of fear/hesitation for […]