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DOA Xtreme 3 Avoids America

The developers of Dead or Alive, Team Ninja, are very sensitive about the objectification of women in entertainment. Team Ninja stands firm on their decision to not release DOAX3 in the west over the fear of backlash of objectifying women. Their character designs are here to stay. If you’ve never played a Dead or Alive […]

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Today in Gaming – 11/26/2015

Games Releasing Today Akuatica – Steam Bombshell – PC Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Kaede Episode – Steam Relic Alone – Steam This Day in Gaming History 1997 – Croc: Legend of Gobbos – PC 2001 – Dark Summit – PS2 2001 – Dynasty Warriors 3 – PS2 2001 – Twisted Metal: Small Brawl – PS1 2002 […]

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PS4 Unlocks The 30 Million Achievement!

As of Nov 22nd Sony Sold over 30.2 million PS4’s, making it Sony’s best selling console in their history. The PS4 launched on 11/15/13, making it just shy of 2 years to reach this impressive achievement. Sony’s best selling console was the PS2. The PS1 sold 100 million consoles in its 9 year lifetime. The […]

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Today in Gaming – 11/25/2015

Games Releasing Today Nothing Interesting… This Day in Gaming History 1994 – Donkey Kong Country – SNES 1996 – Killer Instinct Gold – N64 2001 Azurik: Rise of Perathia – Xbox 2002 – Dead to Rights – GameCube 2002 – Rygar: The Legendary Adventures – PS2 2003 – XIII – GameCube 2008 – Chrono Trigger […]

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Top 5 Nintendo Franchises That Should Get Sequel

Rebirth For a New Generation: Top 5 Nintendo Franchises That Should Get a Sequel By Andrew Stokely Nintendo franchises. You know them. You love them. You grew up with them. They have provided you with hours upon hours of fun, challenge, and, from time to time, feels. But what about those franchises that never gained […]

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Coming & Leaving on Netflix in December

A List of Titles Coming and Leaving Netflix in December Tis the season to be jolly on Netflix. As you can see from this list, Netflix does a good job at keeping their library fresh. May all of your holiday viewing be marry !!! If your looking to sign up for a Netflix account,  click […]

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Fresh Fallout Sneakers From Bethesda

The Vault 111 Sneakers Custom designed Fallout sneaker by Tweak Footwear, exclusively for the Bethesda Store. High quality, blue suede leather Molded EVA sockliner to ensure durability and fit Cut & buff EVA midsole provides lightweight and soft cushion Warning: Due to the nature of the suede leather material, color may bleed if wet. $85.00 […]