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TMNT: Turtles in Time Review

This is one of my all-time favorite games for super Nintendo. It’s an instant classic. In my opinion it’s the best of the TMNT games. This review is of my opinion, so let’s jump in shall we? First thing I would review are the graphics. The graphics are amazing. You can even throw some of […]

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Female Gamers

The topic that I would like to talk about today is female gamers. Female gamers are basically divided into three groups. There are gamer girls, fake gamer girls, and girls who quit gaming because of harassment that they get from guys. On Xbox Live the harassment is especially bad. There are children on there who […]


Top 5 NES Games

I decided about now would be a good time to do a top 5 NES games list. It’s based on my opinion and can’t be the same franchise. So let’s jump in. -Number 5- One of the best beat-’em-ups around: Double Dragon 2. In this one it has a two-player mode. Which, for me, already […]


rumored nx console controller fake

You guys remember that possible nx controller we posted about well its confirmed fake by the guy who set it up. There will be a video showing some of how he made it etc at the bottom. But Will talk I little bit on how relived I am about this. I am somewhat of a […]


Should There Be An Age Limit For Retro Gamers?

Should retro gamers/collectors be a certain age to be considered ‘retro gamers’? I will give you my input on how I fell about it. I feel that there should be no age limit. Why you may ask? Well, who are you to say what games you can and can’t play based on age? If you […]

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Nintendo Select Titles To Get Excited About

I’m happy to say the Nintendo select is back. Their games are going to be $20 each, which is awesome because some of these games are up to $80 on eBay. In this I will say the awesome side of it, and what I am scared might happen. Img Source – So I will […]


YouTubers Worth Subscribing To

Are you looking for some different YouTube gamers? If so, then stay tuned because I have 5 of the best youtube channels. That not many people know about here are my top 10 hidden gem youtubers. The rules are they must have at least 100 subs and they can’t have more than 12000 subs. Number […]

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why are retro games gaining value so fast?

If you are wondering why retro games have been going up in value  you have cone to the right place. Now NES and SNES are skyrocketing in value and what is starting it is now all the 80s and early 90s kids want to play there child hood games and every one now sees them as value. […]