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E1337 (Elite) Entertainment – eSports tournaments

  Your Saturdays just got a lot more exciting as E1337 Entertianment brings you “E1337 Saturdays!” What is E1337 Saturdays you may ask? It’s your weekly dose of E1337 Entertainments online eSports tournaments! “What does that mean exactly?” you may still be wondering. It means that E1337 Entertainment will be bring you, as players, a wide […]

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New Hearthstone expansion confirmed?

That’s right gamers! A possible new Hearthstone expansion, “Whispers of the Old Gods,” is all but confirmed by Blizzard themselves. The new expansion looks to create even a deeper meta game than what is already put in place. A recent post on “imgur” by  “theboss,” shows some new cards as well as an explanation on […]