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Eon Altar Episode 2 New Trailer | Out Tomorrow

Eon Altar Episode 2 Out Tomorrow Episode 2 of staff favorite co-op RPG Eon Altar hits shelves tomorrow on STEAM. The mobile-enhanced title pits up to four players in an epic quest perfect for local party play. What is Eon Altar? Here’s what I said about Eon Altar last time: “Eon Altar isn’t about throwing a […]


Another VR Dev Drops ‘Oculus Rift’ Support after Trump Meme Scandal

Palmer Luckey, founder of the Oculus Rift VR platform, created a whole heap of trouble for his virtual reality brand after he revealed yesterday that he has been secretly spent a huge amount of his fortune sponsoring pro-Trump memes.  I wish I was making this up. Today, Polytron, developers of the VR puzzler “SUPERHYPERCUBE” have announced […]


Gaming Together: The Dota 2 Video Every Leader Needs to See

Manager, Military, or Competitive Gamer? You NEED to see this video! If you’ve played a e-sports title like DOTA 2, League of Legends, or Counterstrike –  then you know how vital teamwork is to win the game.  If you haven’t, I’m going to do to my best to introduce you to the world of Dota 2 (and […]


Banned Developer Released Revamped “SmartPoke” App

Smart Poke, Revitalized After Google booted smart wear applications developer Cyril Preiss for his groundbreaking scanner app, Smart Poke 2, Cyril decided to continue development underground. He released his latest update of the Smart Poke on his Google Plus page.  Nearby Pokemon Scan with Notification Pokemon scan is now working. (Long click anywhere on the […]


Konami Recycle Phantom Pain map for “Metal Gear Survive”

Konami has recycled the Phantom Pain Map Hideo Kojima responded hard and fast to Konami’s attempt to create a “Metal Gear” zombie survival game without the series auteur. According to IGN, Kojima took to the stage at the Toyko Game Show and said, “This has nothing to do with me.” He continued, “The Metal Gear games […]


Gaming Together: Eon Altar

Welcome to Gaming Together: Eon Altar! Author’s Note: Hello and welcome to Gaming Together! I’m your host CradledCat, and I’m truly excited for this opportunity to share my passion for multiplayer gaming.  I want this series to be a close look at games with a penchant for bringing players together as human beings – a […]

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Fully Modded Survivor: Diamond City Ambush

Diamond City Ambush Fully Modded Survivor is a Fallout 4 series in which I share my love of the modded Survival Mode experience. If you haven’t checked out the mod guide, get your game up to snuff – now! All the DLC for Fallout 4 is out, which makes now (or when it’s slightly cheaper) […]

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Battlefield 1 Beta Live for All

Battlefield 1 Beta Live Now Wait no further to test out Electronic Arts most recent iteration of the Battlefield franchise. This beta is set in a wide open desert map called Sinai and features a revamped conquest mode, as well as Rush. There’s been much praise of the diverse mix of planes, infantry, tanks, and […]


Pokemon Uranium Mac – Get this Great Game Now

Pokemon Uranium Mac Some fans of the excellent Pokemon Uranium fangame have developed a way to play the game on Macintosh.  If you are unfamiliar with Pokemon uranium, read my review here! How to run Uranium on Mac OS X One of our fans found a way to run Pokemon Uranium 4.0 on Mac OSX using […]

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Divinity 2 Preview – Eating Corpses with Eurogamer

Instant “Classic” Seriously, Check out 30 minutes of Divinity 2 preview  recorded by Robert Purchese and Chris Pratt of Eurogamer.I’m going to rant and rave about Divinity 2 till the game comes out on September 15, and you should too. In the first five minutes, these two great journalists discuss the new race options (you […]