Assassins Creed Rumored To Be Moving To Ancient Egypt


Rumor has it that the Assassins Creed series next game might be taking place in Ancient Egypt, after taking a year off. A self-proclaimed developer from Ubisoft gave details on 4chan, which normally by itself wouldn’t be considered credible. The information also lines up with  Kotaku‘s data. Since kotaku broke the news on Syndicate and Unity, they have a great track record.

According to the data on 4chan, the next Assassins creed will be set in Ancient Egypt. Which would make it the oldest game in AC history, and giving Ubisoft plenty of time to make adjustments.

Creation of the new game will take a bit of work, so ubi is giving itself some breathing room. The series has released a major title every year since 2009. That doesn’t mean Ubisoft won’t have a top tier game available for the next holiday season. Kotaku claims Watch Dogs 2 may fill those shoes by the end of the year.

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