Arcade Custom boosts with Raspberry Pi 3


Custom Arcade machines have been around for a while and some great projects were created so far and they have nothing to envy to main industry productions! That was surely possible thanks to more and more affordable and powerful hardware such as Raspberry pi micro computers and today has been released the third version of this wonderful device!   Yes we are talking about Raspberry Pi 3 gamers!                                                           This time Raspberry unleashed an incredible power with a quad-core CPU ARM Cortex A53 1.2 GHz1 gb RAM and the VideoCore IV 400Mhz!

Since its appearence in the market the Raspberry Pi has sold more than 8 million units, and the numbers are going up pretty fast considering that the latest version will offer a 50%
more overall power than the previous Pi 2 model!
If you are still wondering why I made the association with Raspberry Pi and Custom arcade cabinets it’s time to give you some more explanations. A lot of custom built arcade machines are powered with the Raspberry mini computers and the choice is motivated by 2 main factors essentially:

  • Rasperry Pi is a powerful computer that is able to run games easily.
  • The cost. Rasperry Pi 3 in now on sale for just 35$!

Combining all that, enthusiast gamers from all over the world have started to created their dream machine demonstrating that arcade cabinet are an icon in the game world still today and a lot of people gare willing to own one. If you ever thought about to build an Arcade machine by yourself now money it is not really an issue anymore with Raspberry Pi 3!

Pietro Galvagno TAM